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A new sizzling romance is headed your way! The Difference You Have Made will be available Friday September 3rd in digital and print!! You can pre-order it now on Kindle, Apple, & Nook. Take a look below to read the synopsis.

He shrugs and ducks his head so he can look into her eyes. “Now may last forever.”

Her breath stills as she hears the weighted words. “Cole, I don’t know what you mean.”

“What I mean is that there is not an expiration date for us. We’re not crawling or racing to a finish line. We’re enjoying being happy together. Just the two of us.”

Before she escaped, Cristiana was living in misery. She was stuck with a boyfriend who mistreated her and isolated from her family and friends. Desperation was her guiding force that led her to an opportunity that may just save her life.

Cole is a handsome and successful CEO. He's also a frustrated single father. Raising his son alone was never part of the plan, but he learned long ago that life hardly ever follows even the best made plans. After his young son's nanny suddenly departs, Cole is desperate to find someone who can do what he can't - take care of his child.

Neither Cole or Cristiana are prepared for the difference that they'll make in each others' lives.

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