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  • Jay Quin

Something About Us is Available Now

Teagan and Houston have a lot in common, the most prominent thing being that they’re married to their careers. Years of hard work in the name of achieving success hasn’t left either of them much time for dating or romance. When they happen to meet while doing what they do best, working, Houston and Teagan are shocked by the instant connection that sparks between them. The more they get to know one another, the more it seems that they have something which must be explored. Despite being drawn together, pressures from their differing realities threaten to pull them apart. Will they overcome the challenges and weather the storm, or will their once in a lifetime love crash like an ocean wave?

You can download Something About Us in ebook format on Kindle or Scribd, or buy it in print on Amazon.

#goodreads #romance #bookbub #blackfiction #billionaire #millennials

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